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Open Text Customer Communication Management (CCM)

Lead Logistics Providers

In view of constant expansion and growth for large lead logistics providers in the world, consistent communication is vital to provide and manage the logistical setup for their customers.

Challenge:- Lead logistics providers with operations hubs throughout the world providing world leading companies 4PL, LLP, Freight Management, Transport Management and Supply Chain Solutions. However not all markets have the same structures of communications. Hence the needs to communicate the same way

International Manufacturers need to communicate and regulate efficiently from plants to sales offices throughout Europe, United States and Asia.

Challenge:- Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customers (B2C) in round the clock productions, procurements, information, sales and services have led the customers to use OpenText Customer Communications Management solution to improves customer experience through the automation of customer communications

Saperion From Perceptive Software


Constant demands and exchanges of information 24x7 in the logistics business require high volume of intelligent capture from unstructured printed documents to digital information to manage the content, processes, applications and enterprise search.

Saperion from Perceptive Software provides the customers archiving and document management by integrating the documents to business processes and make them available throughout their operations worldwide.

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