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Our Missions

AML dedicates to provide service-oriented companies with cost effective solutions and services hence allowing them to fully focus on their core business processes. Our solutions improve the competitiveness and business success of our customers. They improve their service quality, but still achieve significant cost savings.

Directions of AML

Asia Management Link Pte Ltd is founded by Ms Andrea Matterson in January 2008. Ms Matterson has extensive business knowledge in Asia Pacific, after having lived in Asia for several years with multi-language skills. With these skills, they are able to narrow the cultural gaps with the local businesses they conducted.

  • Enabling them to focus on core functions
  • Attractive and competitive costs
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Continuous Decrease in Follow-up costs
  • No upfront investment
  • Technical Expertise
  • User Experience
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Strategy Consulting (Business, Market, Technology)